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No matter how well a person maintains their home, having regular check-ups done by a qualified company, is an absolute necessity. Pipes may freeze, wear out or break, causing leaks and water damage and at some point all toilets refuse to stop running or overflow. While some actions can be a simple solution, it is always a good idea to contact us. We have the training to fix your toilet the first time or help you make the decision to replace the toilet with a newer model that uses less water and is more economical.
Leaking pipes or appliances cause floors to warp and carpet to mold. If there is a sewer pipe leak or, worse, sewer back up, the resulting mess can take a great deal of time, effort and money to clean up. The same is true with storm or flood damage. For all big plumbing problems the services of a trained, experienced will certainly be required.

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A twist of a wrench may tighten a leaky faucet and reduce an irritating drip. However, many leaks require much more extensive action from replacing a bolt or a washer to a complete replacement of the faucet. Our West Hollywood plumbers know how frustrating a leaky faucet can be and seek to repair or replace the faucet as soon as possible. If the faucet is an older model or a newer model faucet that is more cost-effective and environmentally-friendly.

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It is also possible that a homeowner will be unaware of a leak at first. For instance, slab houses are houses built on a foundation of concrete and they have problems a house with a basement won’t have. This concrete foundation is built on a deep bed of sand that absorbs the weight. However, should a pipe leak or otherwise break underneath the slab, the water infiltrates the sand bed. The owner may not realize there is a leak until the water bill comes or water starts coming up through the vents. We have the expertise to discover the source of the problem. The plumbing team breaks through the concrete over the broken or leaking pipe and replaces it. This problem with slab-built homes is not a job for the average home owner to attempt.

Keeping your drains flowing and water hot.

Toilets are flushed, dishes are washed and showers taken and how many times has someone jumped into the shower before work only to find the water ice cold? Many of the normal daily activities within a home require the use of water. When drains refuse to budge. A professional knows how to diagnose the problem and take whatever steps necessary to rid the pipes of the clog. In some case, pipes might need to be replaced.

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